Friday, August 8, 2008

Barack & Michelle Spew Wright Hatred in 2004-See Video!

They have PROVEN in this video that they do not LIKE America. It should have been obvious from the beginning of this campaign but NOW there is proof in their own words from 2004.

These people will ruin our country and depress all of us emotionally and economically. They are a disgrace!

Let them go reform Kenya or Germany or Indonesia or somewhere that is REALLY in dire straits.

BO & MO: Stay away from America!


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bob said...

Well done.
I've not been able to register for hcf, but there's a point that should be made...
Voting for McCain isn't enough. If you really want Hillary in '12, you have to clear out the unholy trinity of Pelosi, Reid and Dean. They are the ones who knifed HRC in the back, front and sideways. Defeating Dems running for the House and Senate would cost Nancy and Harry their leadership spots and cement them firmly in the history books as the odd couple who completely blew what should have been an easy D win into a monumental defeat. Dean would also be cast aside on the shoals of never-should-have-been. Then, when that's done, you have an opportunity to rebuild.

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