Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama, the King Breaker

You've heard of king makers, right? Well, Barack Obama is proving to be the opposite of those influential politicians.

Once upon a time, he was promising hope which has turned to audacity, change which has turned to his changing his mind every few days, we are the ones we have been looking for to I am the one you've been looking for.

He has promises to keep but which ones? The ones from an articulate candidate who uses soaring, "borrowed" rhetoric or the promises of the change maker who can't make up his mind.

He wants to have us believe that his life-long influences, mentors and contacts who we could name by heart now had nothing to do with WHO and WHAT he is today. Questionably patriotic, borderline anti-American people who he just happened to surround himself with from his youth in Hawaii until his cabal in Chicago.

From communitsts to terrorists, it is just coincidence he knows the people, but barely we are told.

Turns out this isn't exactly so either. He and his wife have spent time dining with and attending speeches and other functions with these people who don't much like America, all the while NOT being influenced or shaped by them.

But, this man who thinks he's president is frail, vulnerable, influenced by the antithesis of true American patriotism.

He thinks America should change and that we citizens are not happy. Wrong. Could things be better? Yes, but not the kind of "better" Barack Obama wants.

Underlying his ever changing policies however, is a constant. A constant attempt to make us think we are dissatisfied, that "for all its flaws" he loves his country. I don't think he does. He loves what he thinks will become his country and change he can keep.

Exactly what flaws would those be? He hasn't specified as usual. But his wife has said we are a downright mean country. Or maybe we are Jeremiah Wright's God damned America.

Obama is this chameleon who changes colors with his surroundings. That is the problem. If he is around extreme liberals, he is that way. If he is around middle America he TRIES to be that way too. Sometimes he is even far right, pretending again to be one of them.

Yes, Obama was once a viable force in this country who almost had us fooled. He could sustain this Martin Luther King-like appearance for a short time. But time and his own hubris, contradictions, gaffes and arrogance began to show through.

Now not only is he not a king MAKER but he has become the court jester trying to please and fool everyone all the time.

But good ole' Abe Lincon said you can't do that! You can only fool all of the people SOME of the time.

And in trying to fool all the people all of the time, he has become the biggest fool of all!


Anonymous said...

Excellent observation. the day is coming, people will try to purge the internet of their photos with him. Kinda like Bush did with the Abramoff's photos

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

Great article. You hit it right on the head.

Anonymous said...

This article expressed the exact way I feel.

JillAnne said...

This "article" expressed nothing. Not once did you state any honest factual argument to back any of the vague, inane things you wrote. After reading this, and then reading it again, the only message I received was that you have alot of hatred running through your veins, and alot of negativity in your head.

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