Thursday, August 7, 2008


Idea! Visibility And More!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
OK, let's everyone who supports Hillary/McCain plant a victory garden if possible of red, white and blue (dark purple) flowers. Take pictures and let's post them in one area, send to media, etc.
If we can get permission to plant in visible areas (someone's property on a corner or busy intersection) that would be great too.

Use real or artificial flowers!

Any other places, feel free to mention.

We could call it FLOWERS FOR AMERICA--Victory Garden and put Hillary/McCain signs in the gardens.

We can say things like America is BEAUTIFUL not MEAN and anything else that the depressing Obama's have said.

If it turns out to be Obama instead of Hillary, change to McCain and if Hillary, change to Hillary.
Blog this idea around everywhere. I am going to and send to the media, etc.!

It would be great if you'd promote this idea everywhere!

I think this might catch on and be in the media, etc.!

We can post pics here and on other blogs so we get LOTS of visibility!


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